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For trucks

Less than 1 km distance from highway trace allow access in every weather and daily condition.

++снимка на камиона (ако става!)

The yard is enough to park more than 6 trucks in case of need and in same time will allow to make maneuvers.

++снимка на двора (ако става!)

The process flow simplified operations connected to drivers:

· park directly to the spot for unloading;

· unloading dirty bedding nearby;

· refuel water tank with minimal move;

· reloading new bedding mechanically;

· 24 park 100 meters far from unloading spot.

About 2 (two) hours after arriving the truck is on parking position and is ready for next loading of animals.

You don’t need reservation if you just want to add additional bedding or water – come to BovEx-BG, rest 1 hour until add straw or water and continue your trip.

In Tsalapitsa village have options to repair your truck or tires.

+ снимка на гумаджийницата (на по-късен етап)

+ снимка на сервиза (на по-късен етап)