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For drivers

The idea of BovEx-BG is to be not very huge, not far from the road, comfortable and with easy access. The limit of max 6 trucks in same time allow to the stuff to focus to animal conditions. In same time drivers are free to rest, without staying in the crowd.

Снимка на ТВ и канапетата

BovEx-BG covers classical definition for a Motel – small place for a fast rest near to Trakia highway and covered all essential needs (animal’s and driver’s).

Less than 1 km distance from highway trace allow access in every weather and daily condition.

The yard is enough to park more than 6 trucks in case of need and in same time will allow to make maneuvers.

Снимка на двора

The rest of drivers on BovEx-BG allows them to visit Tsalapitsa village and also Plovdiv, that is 20 minutes far.

BovEx-BG has free Wi-Fi that makes connections easy and cheap.

Limitation of 6 consignments in same time guarantee drivers comfort not only for parking and in a rest room, but also in access to WC and bathroom.

Снимка на банята (на по-късен етап)

Rest room is equipped with kitchen place, where is possible to cook, besides in Tsalapitsa have few small restaurants and snack bars.

Снимка на кухнята (на по-късен етап)

Employed from Tsalapitsa workers helps to unload and load animals practically in every hour.

+++ снимки (на по-късен етап)
The fastest way for reservation is via – just enter your data and in case of vacancy confirmation will follow automatically. Also is possible to make reservation via e-mail: