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For animals

Stable is vector protected. This significant reduce risk for transmition of animal diseases like Blue tongue and Lumpy Skin Disease.

Producing feed and bedding in region (Tsalapitsa and neighborhood settlements) prevent risk of infection or atonia.

In BovEx-BG can rest only ruminant animals. Excluding other species is on purpose to establish uniform approach and give guarantee to respect Animal Welfare.

BovEx-BG at this stage don’t have nor milking equipment nether can fix animals for this.

BovEx-BG have facilities for disinsection to protect consignments from insects.

Separation of pens allows to avoid disturbance of animals from different consignment.

Using 3 different roads for all 6 pens allows 3 truck’s handling in same time.

Inside the stable have enough space and air for animals from 6 consignments.

BovEx-BG is far from other animal holdings. This increase biosecurity and also gives additional comfort to the animals from consignments.

Location parallel to Trakia highway reduce additional time, needed to reach control post. After fast unload, animals start to rest.

Special accent is biosecurity in the control post – health certification, treatment of sick and/or injured animals, cleaning and disinfection (C&D).

Private veterinary practitioner is from Tsalapitsa – practically nonstop available in case of need.

Workers are experienced people from Tsalapitsa and neighborhood villages that allows to maintain 24 hours’ animal care.