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About our services

BovEx-BG is established like a animal premice on the base of the principles of THE FIVE ANIMALS’ FREEDOMS:
1. Freedom from hunger or thirst – animals are accommodated in pens where they have free access to enough volume of feed and water;
2. Freedom from discomfort – animals are kept inside stable, where have appropriate conditions all time of year; the size of pens is calculated according animal welfare requirements;
3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease – stable was built and used for ruminant animals and don’t cause pain or injury. Contract with veterinarian practitioner from same village guaranties rapid diagnosis and treatment in case of need;
4. Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour – the accommodation is possible just for ruminant animals; in pens is provided sufficient space and proper facilities;
5. Freedom from fear and distress – although workers are experienced handling animals, staff have special training for this; control post is isolated from other animal holdings and have limited access for other animals or people.
BovEx-BG is approved like a control post by Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, who is the competent authority of Bulgaria, where BovEx-BG is situated. The license is issued by Regional Directorate of Food Safety Plovdiv on 15.11.2017. At the moment permission is only for bovines, but soon will be possible here to rest also small ruminants – sheep and goats. According this license, capacity of the control post is:


type of animals

weight (kg)

Max. capacity (number)

Small calves till 50 983
Middle calves 50-110 579
Heavy calves 110-200 384
Middle bovines 200-325 278
Heavy bovines 325-550 195
Very heavy bovines 700 and over 166


BovEx-BG is on Tsalapitsa village, region Plovdiv. The control post is with GPS coordinates N 42.193611, E 24.565833.
The approval holding number is 7802970046 (old format number is 4218-0179).
BovEx-BG allows accommodation of animals from consignment for obligatory 24 rest and according individual route plan, animals can rest here between 24 and 36 hours. Obligatory reservation and confirmation will prevent overbooking and extra delays.
The location of BovEx-BG makes easy stops if the truck is in case of need to add additional bedding or water. In this cases, preliminary reservation is not necessary – come to BovEx-BG, rest 1 (one) hour until the workers add straw or water and can continue your trip.